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Reed Electronics Research (RER) serves the needs of a wide ranging client base. From senior mangers to industry analysts, we keep you apprised of changes and developments in the global electronics industry. Whether for competitive advantage or research, the information we provide is designed for practical application.

Our approach has been refined over approaching fifty years of intensive research and study, culminating in our comprehensive service and extensive product range:

RER Publications

Since 1973, the Yearbook of World Electronics Data has surveyed and reviewed the global electronics industry, bit by bit and byte by byte. The coverage is exhaustive. In its current form it comprises three volumes relating to market trends and opportunities across various criteria, together with production statistics and market forecasts.

We’ve further expanded our coverage to include electronic versions on CD-ROM and special licensed editions for widespread corporate use, thereby eliminating the need to buy multiple copies within the same organisation.

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ industry profiles and directories afford our customers an unprecedented insight in to the technologies and trends underpinning specific global sectors. Showcasing relevant market data and forecasts, detailed company information, developmental and structural analyses, each volume is yours to customise. Whether you want a single report or the complete directory, we offer a wide range of purchase options, giving you the opportunity to access specific data at affordable prices.


RER has worked closely with many of the leading global electronics magazines as part of its association with Reed Business Information, one of the world's leading publishing group's. 


The primary data on which our reports are based are derived directly from companies, government agencies and trade associations. This is supplemented by our own in-house information database. All data is checked and cross checked for authenticity.

All RER market research reports follow the established market research formula developed in association with the highly respected Yearbook and Profile series of reports. In-depth research is performed of primary data compiled from company sources, official government agencies and trade associations. This is supplemented by RER's in-house business information database which is maintained and developed as part of our ongoing research activity.

An extensive programme of face-to-face and telephone interviews is conducted, involving industry experts and the major players within the sector under study. This is further augmented by use of detailed questionnaires and desk research. Findings are related back to primary data for corroboration and to ensure objectivity of approach.

The Result: the information you need at the right price at the right time.

The information sources listed in the following pages represent the preferable alternative to expensive consultancy documents, commissioned studies and time consuming in-house research. They are available "off the shelf" and are delivered to you by courier.

Furthermore, our refund guarantee makes your purchase risk-free: should you decide that, once viewed, a report does not meet your requirements, you may return it within 28 days for a full refund. Naturally, we are at your disposal to discuss your information needs fully before commitment.

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