Country Reports: Asia

Excluding Japan, China now dominates the Asian electronics industry and has an increasingly important role globally the country the major producing country with a share of around 29% in 2011. Despite rising labour costs China is still seen as the preferred location for overseas companies, while local manufacturers ramp up production to meet global demand and the surging domestic market. Nevertheless, other Asian countries do have significant electronics industries with South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore all playing an important role within the global market. India, with its vast domestic market, will provide significant market opportunities although the required investment in infrastructure will be pivotal to the growth of the industry.

The Asia Pacific electronics industry has been built primarily on foreign investment and many countries are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with China, in particular, for low-cost assembly. As a result governments in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore are looking to focus on higher value products.

Similar to the US and countries in Western Europe, Japan is being impacted by the migration of production to low-cost locations. By the end of 2011, electronics output had fallen by 42% from the peak in 2000 and the country’s share of global electronics output to 11.4% down from 26% in 1995. Although further production will be re-located offshore Japan will continue to be a key producer of products based on the latest technologies.                               

Currently individual reports can be supplied electronically for the key countries within the Asian electronics industry although we can supply information on other countries covered within the Yearbook database on demand. To discuss specific requirements, including discounts for multiple purchases please contact

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Country Report - Vietnam
Production of the Vietnam electronics industry was estimated at US$40.4 billion in 2016, signific..
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