The European EMS Industry - A Strategic Study of the European EMS Industry 2015-2020

The European EMS Industry - A Strategic Study of the European EMS Industry 2015-2020
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The European Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry 2015-2020

A Strategic Analysis of the European Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Industry

After declining in 2014 the European EMS industry is forecast to reach Euro 27.4 billion in 2016, its second year of consecutive growth. Looking forward however, the uncertainties surrounding the impact of “Brexit” and the election result in the US is expected to subdue growth in the first half of 2017, but assuming that the impact on the global economy is limited and short-term the market should regain momentum in the second half of the year and then accelerate over the forecast period.

EMS revenues in Western Europe are forecast to reach Euro 11.7 billion in 2020, up from Euro 10.8 billion in 2015, with the market increasingly focused on the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Medical, Control & Instrumentation, Industrial and Telecom (ADAMCIT) segments of the market.

Pricing pressures and the transfer of production to manufacturing facilities in  CEE/MENA to reduce costs and  the increasing demand by OEMs for EMS to offer local manufacturing in key global markets will dampen growth in Western Europe during the period to 2020.

The reverse applies to CEE/MENA where growth will be boosted by the transfer of production from Western Europe and in particular, lower volume high mix products in the ADAMCIT segments. However, despite the migration of production from Western Europe, in revenue terms the CEE/MENA region will continue to be focused on higher volume products in the consumer, computing and communications, or 3C, segments. Assuming that the leading global EMS providers remain committed to retaining a major manufacturing presence in the region revenues are forecast to reach Euro 18.3 billion by 2020, up from Euro 16.6 billion in 2015

The Major Players

Although made up of over 1,000 companies, the industry is dominated by a small number of Global players with the Top 3 – Foxconn, Flextronics and Jabil – accounting for around 44% of revenues in 2015, with the vast majority from plants in CEE focused on the 3C segment.

Approaching 77% of the total sales (Euro 21.0 billion) are achieved by the leading 50 companies or 5% of the total number. We are expecting that there will be further consolidation across the industry due to the downward price pressure, slow economic growth and requirement to broaden and deepen the design, development and aftercare services to customers.

This comprehensive report provides:-

A detailed market analysis to 2020 for Western Europe, CEE and North Africa in a single report.

A breakdown of the market by major sector.

An in-depth analysis and comment on the key market trends impacting the European EMS Industry.

A ranking and detailed profiles of the Top 20 EMS providers in Europe.

An overview of electronic production and EMS manufacturing in the major countries and regions including a ranking of the leading companies and profiles of the major players.

A directory by country of the EMS manufacturing locations with addresses, contact numbers, websites.

An appendix with the estimated sales turnover for 2015 of the Top 50 European EMS providers and the Top 50 European-owned EMS companies based on global revenues and a list of the prevailing and historical currency exchange rates.

 Who will benefit

The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry report is essential research for all areas of the electronics industry including:

- Distributors and manufacturers of electronic components and materials - the profiles and directory provide a detailed analysis of potential customers, highlights growth markets by sector and country/region. The understanding and interpreting of the market trends will also be important as this market further develops.

- Production equipment suppliers – the profiles and directory provide a detailed analysis of potential customers, track key EMS trends and provide location information.

- OEMs – A comprehensive guide to the major EMS companies in Europe in detail and further listing of EMS companies by geographic location. We analyse the structure of the industry and the emergence of the four distinct groups of EMS company.

- EMS – The report provides a complete overview of the European EMS industry, including revenue forecasts by country, competitor information and the trends which will have an impact on business in the period from 2015 to 2020.

- Other organizations which will benefit from the report include:

- Government, including investment organizations.

- Financial and industry analysts.

- Academic institutes & universities tracking developments in the electronics industry.

Europe will continue to provide significant opportunities for companies already involved in the European EMS industry. It will also offer opportunities for companies in Asia and the Americas who are looking to expand geographically into new markets.

The European EMS Industry report allows you to track these developments in a single cost-effective study providing both detailed market and company analysis.

Summary of Contents:

Executive Summary

European Market for EMS (2015 - 2020)

A detailed analysis of the key factors shaping the European EMS industry

Profiles of the Top 20 EMS companies in Europe

EMS Market by Country Region (includes market projections, industry trends, analysis of the leading EMS companies including ranking of the major players and detailed profiles)

Directory of around 1,300 European EMS manufacturing facilities

Geographical Coverage:
Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom; Central & Eastern Europe (Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Lithuania; Poland: Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Other); North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia); Israel.

ISBN 1905429 622
Fourteenth Edition
Publication Date: November 2016

Available in PDF and CD-Rom formats. 

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