2021 European Electronics Industry Outlook

2021 European Electronics Industry Outlook
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2021 European Electronics Industry Outlook

The 2021 European Electronics Industry Outlook combines three of RER’s core products to provide you with a unique perspective on the current structure and prospects for the electronics industry in Europe:

Yearbook of World Electronics Data Volume 1 2021 West Europe

Yearbook of World Electronics Data Volume 3 2021 East Europe & World Summary

European Electronic Markets Forecast - Monthly business intelligence delivered directly to your PC

Giving you the means to track developments at regional and national levels, as well as by product, The Yearbook has analysed the electronics industry in Europe since 1973. A unique reference to both market and production data the database now covers 29 countries in Europe for 13 major product groups. Summary data is provided in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to allow you to analyze the data to meet your specific requirements.

The Yearbook of World Electronics Data however should not be viewed as an archive of electronics industry data; it’s a cost-effective business tool for placing your own research requirements into a broader European and global context.


- A single source solution allowing you to track the electronics industry in 29 European countries, including Central and Eastern Europe

- 13 major product groups

- Market and production forecasts

- CD-option allows you to manipulate the data quickly and easily: produce your own subsets or summaries of the data, create your own forecasts or cut and paste the data into your own in-house reports and presentations

- Unique World Summary (Volume 3) allows the user to position Europe globally.

Updated monthly, EEMF enables you to track with minimum time and cost, the key issues and opportunities impacting the European electronics industry. From originally researched articles to the latest company developments and market analysis EEMF is your virtual “Research Analyst” utilizing over 30 years of industry and market research experience to provide you both in hardcopy and electronic formats not only reliable but objective analysis and news on the European and global electronics industry.


The European Electronics Industry Outlook is priced at £1,745 or £2,120 for the Yearbooks to be supplied in CD-Rom format.

All reports can also be published separately, To order or for further information on the package please contact andrew.fletcher@rer.co.uk or call +44 1235 227310

For orders received prior to August 2020 customers will initially receive the current East Europe edition and the new edition on publication.


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