Country Report - United Kingdom

Country Report - United Kingdom
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Electronics output increased by a modest 0.5% in 2019, down from the prior year’s increase of 3.8% as demand, in-line with the global economy, weakened in the second half of the year. Apart from control and instrumentation and medical, output fell, albeit sometimes only modestly across all sectors of the industry. As a result of the pandemic, electronics production declined by a further 6.8% in 2020 with all sectors of the industry declining during the year and despite the global shortage of components and issues surrounding the transition to the new EU-UK trade relationship post growth of 3.1% in 2021. The computer segment accounted for 6.1% of electronics output in 2020. Output declined by an estimated 3.6% in 2020 and compared to the prior year’s fall of 2.7% and although it is expected that computer related production will continue to edge down over the period to 2024 the rate of the decline is expected to ease to around 2% annually. Communications and radar, which includes defence related products, accounted for 29.3% of electronics output in 2020. Production of radar and navigation equipment accounted for 29.4% of the segment total and 8.6% of overall electronics production in 2020. COVID-19 will have a short-term impact on the aerospace sector and with the pandemic continuing to restrict travel in 2021 the recovery in the commercial aviation market is now not expected until 2022 before gaining momentum in 2023/2024. The UK-based BAE Systems is a leading global aerospace and defence group and in addition to its leading role in Europe is also a major player in the US market with extensive operations in the country. After several years of declining output, the importance of telecommunications production within the UK electronics industry has diminished and by 2024 its share is expected to have fallen to 1.7% down from 10% in 2000. A small amount of high-end consumer video equipment is manufactured in the UK although output is expected to gradually decline throughout the period to 2024. Control and instrumentation represented the largest category in 2019 but as a result of the pandemic was surpassed by communications and radar in 2020. With the production of medical and industrial also significant – medical accounted for 11.2% in 2020 and industrial 7.0% - the three categories which make up the broader industrial segmented accounted for 47.4% of output during the year. The industrial sector, despite the short-term impact of COVID-19, will be a key driver for the UK electronics industry and is structured around a large number of small and medium-sized companies which are supported by a relatively small number of larger UK and foreign multinationals. 


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Economic Overview
Industry Structure
Production Data 2018-2021
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The UK Electronics Industry Report provides essential market intelligence for all sizes of company from small enterprises to major global groups and for financial/management consultancies, government agencies and academia requiring a reliable overview of the electronics industry in the UK.

Last Update: May 2021


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