Country Report - India

Country Report - India
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IAfter five years of robust growth, electronics output increased by 13.3% in 2019, the Indian electronics industry saw output decline by 2.2% in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The downturn will be short-lived with output forecast to resume its strong growth path with output forecast to increase by 10.6% in 2021. Growth in the electronics industry is being supported by favourable government policies including the “Make in India” programme and the adoption of the National Policy on Electronics with the aim “to create a globally competitive electronics design and manufacturing industry to meet the county’s needs and serve the international market”. The production of computers and related equipment increased by an estimated 2.3% in 2020, an improvement on the 1.5% growth in the prior year, this despite the impact of the pandemic and the introduction of measures to control the spread of the virus. Growth was driven by increased output of notebooks to meet the demand for on-line learning through lockdowns. With the demand for notebooks remaining robust in the first half of 2021 and the expected recovery in the economy computer output is forecast to increase by 7% in 2021. The production of mobile phones has benefited from the “Make in India” campaign with the most of the major brands (both foreign and Indian) either setting up their own manufacturing facilities or have sub-contracted manufacturing to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies.


Table of Contents

Economic Overview
Industry Structure
Production Data 2018-2021
Market Data 2018-2024
Methodologies/Guide to Statistics

Product Coverage

Office Equipment
Control & Instrumentation
Medical & Industrial
Radio Communications
Passive Components
Other Components

The Indian Electronics Industry Report provides essential market intelligence for all sizes of company from small enterprises to major global groups and for financial/management consultancies, government agencies and academia requiring a reliable overview of the electronics industry in India.

Last Update: September 2021

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