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Global Electronics Production & Markets

With a history now spanning 50 years Reed Electronics Research (RER) has provided an invaluable insight into the global trends, regional variations and the underlying state of the global electronics market for all stages of the supply chain - OEM, contract manufacturing and design, components and materials suppliers to financial /industry analysts and government and academia.

Although encompassing a range of published and bespoke products the core of RER’s research programme is one of the most comprehensive statistical databases covering the global electronics industry, with the resulting analysis being published through three concise and clear demographic volumes, as a series of individual country reports, through customised solutions to meet specific client requirements and Excel databases providing the combination of both historical and forecasted data.

Global Electronics Industry Database 1995-2025

Launched in 2012, The Global Electronics Industry Database 1995-2025 brings together in a single source top line analysis on the global electronics industry. Through two Excel spreadsheets you can quickly analyse the structure of the global industry and how it has changed both geographically, through RER’s unique coverage of 53 countries, and by thirteen major product groups (Click here for further information)

Yearbook of World Electronics Data

The Yearbook Series is the definitive Market Reference to global electronics production and markets, covering 53 countries and 13 principal product groups. Data are compiled from primary sources including official government bodies, National Trade Associations, Eurostat, and presented in a format which is... comparable country to country and product by product. First published in 1973, the Yearbook is now available in three volumes in both hard copy and electronic formats.

Yearbook of World Electronics Data – Volume 1 West Europe

Yearbook of World Electronics Data – Volume 2 Americas, Japan, Asia Pacific

Yearbook of World Electronics Data – Volume 3 East Europe & World Summary

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Country Reports

Drawing on data from its core statistical database RER can provide individual country reports designed to provide the user an overview of the electronics industry. (Click here for further information)

The European Electronics Industry - European Electronics Production 2000-2022

As part of its programme of research covering developments in the European electronics industry RER publishes a statistical database providing a medium-term outlook for electronics production in Europe. Covering the period 2000-2022 the research allows you to track developments both geographically and by major product group for 29 countries. (Click here for further information)