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The EMEA Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry 2022-2027

The Strategic Study of the European, Middles East & North African Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry

Whether directly involved as an EMS, OEM, or as a major supplier, Reed Electronics Research’s (RER) on-going research on the European EMS market provides in-depth knowledge on one of the key sectors of the European electronics industry.

In its latest European study, the nineteenth since the first report was published in 1993, RER provides an independent assessment of the European EMS industry looking at the key issues impacting the Market and the Competitive Landscape through 2022-2027.

Fully updated the report provides:

  • A detailed analysis of the market
  • Using forecasts finalised in April 2024 an analysis of EMS revenues by country through to 2027
  • A breakdown of the West European and CEE/MENA market by sector for 2022-2027
  • In-depth profiles of the leading 25 EMS providers in EMEA
  • An analysis of the major players by country/region
  • A directory of approaching 2,300 EMS manufacturing locations for around 1,750 companies by country with addresses, contact numbers, websites
  • An appendix with the estimated sales turnover for 2022 of the Top 50 European EMS providers, the Top 50 European-owned EMS companies based on global revenues and the Top 50 European-owned taking into account acquisitions in 2022 through to March 2024

Who will benefit

EMS – The report provides a complete overview of the European EMS industry, including revenue forecasts by country, competitor information and the trends which will have an impact on business in the period from 2021 to 2026.

Production equipment suppliers – the profiles and directory provide a detailed analysis of potential customers, track key EMS trends and provide location information.

OEMs – A comprehensive guide to the major EMS companies in Europe in detail and further listing of EMS companies by geographic location.

Distributors and manufacturers of electronic components and materials – the profiles and directory provide a detailed analysis of potential customers, highlights growth markets by sector and country/region. The understanding and interpreting of the market trends will also be important as this market further develops.

Other organizations which will benefit from the report include: Government, including investment organizations; Financial and industry analysts; Management consultants; Academic institutes & universities tracking developments in the electronics industry.

Europe will continue to provide significant opportunities for companies already involved in the European EMS industry. It will also offer opportunities for companies in Asia and the Americas who are looking to expand geographically into new markets.

The European EMS Industry report allows you to track these developments in a single cost-effective study providing both detailed market and company analysis.

EMS Cover

ISBN 1905429 967

Twenty First Edition

Publication Date: April 2024


The EMEA Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry 2022-2027
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The EMEA Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry 2022-2027
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The Corporate License allows electronic distribution (excluding distribution to third parties) of the report throughout your organisation, making it a cost effective and essential tool for your business.