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Global Electronics Industry Database 1995-2026

Provided as two separate Excel spreadsheets, RER’s Global Electronics Production & Market Database gives a unique insight into the development of the electronics industry since 1995. Track the phenomenal growth of China, the migration of production from high-cost to low cost locations, the growing importance of other Asian countries as companies look to diversify their global manufacturing footprint and adopt a China Plus One strategy, the structure of the electronics industry within regions and globally, the growing importance of industrial markets in Europe, the US and Japan….

RER’s Global Electronics Production and Market Database provides you the opportunity to access one of the most comprehensive sources of statistical data on the global electronics industry and in a format that allows you the flexibility to quickly tailor the data to meet your specific needs.

The database provides:

Top level market data for 13 major product groups…

(Computing; Office Equipment; Control & Instrumentation; Medical; Industrial; Communications & Radar; Telecommunications; Consumer Video; Consumer Audio; Consumer Other; Semiconductors; Passive Components; Other Components) well as 53 countries worldwide split by the following regions:

  • Western Europe: Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Portugal; Norway; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; UK

  • Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Lithuania; Poland; Romania; Russia; Ukraine; Slovakia; Slovenia; Turkey; Ukraine

  • Americas: Brazil; Canada; Mexico; Puerto Rico; Venezuela; USA

  • Japan

  • Asia: Australia; China; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Malaysia; New Zealand; Philippines; Singapore; South Korea; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam

  • Rest of World: Egypt; Israel; Saudi Arabia; South Africa

  • Historical data back to 1995

  • Production data through to 2023

  • Market data through to 2026

The database is fully revised and updated annually and is an indispensable business tool for:

Corporate Analysts, Market Researchers, Industry Watchers, Investment Professionals, Strategic Planners, Policy Makers, Academics

Global electronics production and market data for the period 1995-2026



Global Electronics Production Database
Global Electronics Markets Database
Global Electronics Production & Markets
Global Electronics Production Database (Corporate Licence)
Corporate Licence
Global Electronics Markets Database (Corporate Licence)
Corporate Licence
Global Electronics Production & Markets (Corporate Licence)
Corporate Licence

The Corporate License allows electronic distribution (excluding distribution to third parties) of the report throughout your organisation, making it a cost effective and essential tool for your business.