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CEE’s electronics industry is focused on a small number of major global OEMs and electronic manufacturing services providers with the focus on the 3C segments. In total, the 3C segments amounted to US$38.6 billion in 2022, 68.2% of electronics output. 3C production is centered on five countries with Poland, Slovakia and Turkey major centres for TV production. Production in the Czech Republic is focused on computing while Hungary is produces a combination of computing and consumer electronics related equipment.

Industrial and high-end communications equipment production within the region will continue to take an increasing share of production, although in overall percentage terms it will remain low because of the dominant position held by the 3C segment.  Although this will be led by foreign investment as companies look to move production from higher cost West European locations or in the case of non-European companies look to establish a low-cost manufacturing base to serve the European market, it is also an area where indigenous companies will compete.

Prior to the war Russia and Ukraine accounted for 8.1% of electronics production in the region and 25.9% of the market with this falling to 6.8% for output and 21.1% for markets in 2022. At the end of 2023 electronics production in Russia and Ukraine is forecast at US$4.1 billion down 20.3% from US$5.2 billion in 2021. In the same period the electronics market in the two countries has declined 23.1% to US$19.1 billion (2021: US$24.9 billion).

World Summary

To take advantage of the opportunities within the global electronics industry will require a clear understanding of the current structure of the global electronics industry, how it has developed on a country, regional and global level. In addition to market and production data on the countries covered in the Volume 3, the report also contains a unique global summary covering production data 2020-2023 and market data 2020-2026 for the 53 countries covered in the Yearbook database.

  • 13 major product groups

  • Market Data and Forecasts 2020-2026

  • Production Data 2020-2023

  • World Summary Data

13 countries covered:

Czech Republic

Yearbook of World Electronics Data Volume 3 2023

First Published 1991

ISBN 1 905429 959

Publication Date: November 2023


Volume 3 2023 – East Europe & World Summary
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Volume 3 2023 – East Europe & World Summary
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Volume 3 2022 – East Europe & World Summary
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